The new website gives you the answers you need

Welcome to the new Thermod website! On our new, modern, and easily accessible site, we inform you about fiberglass doors but also how we can help you with the products that are best suited for your purpose. The new website surpasses our previous one in most aspects.

Immediate path to the right product

On new the new Thermod website, choose whether to search your products via Category or Environment. Search via Category is the way for those who know what kind of door you want. Doors, hatches, and other products are presented with a clear search filter. An environmental search quickly gives you an overview of what we can offer in your specific area.

We make your search more accurate, with the possibility of filtering which is now also offered. Set properties such as product type, application, environment, and any fire and sound class requirements and get the available options presented.

Pro support makes it easy to buy doors

Expertise and experience give our products an extra dimension. We are happy to share what we know both in direct contact with our strong sales team and here on the website.

Under Pro Support, architects, designers, dealers, and professional builders are given an overview of current norms and standards. Read more about what rules you are subject to and how Thermod's doors meet those requirements.

Here you will also find our entire archive of downloadable documents such as data sheets, installation instructions, building product declarations and certificates.

Watch our products "live"

The new website also contains a lot of visual media. Learn more about Thermod and laminate doors and see footage of our products "live" in their real environment.

If you have any questions or comments about the new website, do not hesitate to contact us!




Published 30 May 2021