Thermod launches PIR doors for the European market

Insulation with PIR - solid polyurethane foam - is highlighted as an attractive alternative in more and more areas. PIR has the properties that differ in several respects from other insulation materials. As a pioneer in the market, Thermod is launching a series of doors with PIR insulation, with delivery starting this November.

PIR provides other properties
PIR (polyisocyanurate) is a solid closed-cell polyurethane foam. The material has properties - including thermal - that make it suitable as insulation in various types of construction materials and panels.

Compared with PUR - which is the most widely used insulation material today - PIR has a higher insulation efficiency, which enables thinner constructions in tight spaces. PIR also differs from PUR in terms of fire impact.

Doors with PIR insulation
To meet an increasingly strong demand from the market, we will introduce doors with PIR insulation during the autumn. In a first step, cold room doors, freezer room doors and swing doors are introduced for customers in the food sector in Sweden, Norway and the rest of Europe.
- Doors with PIR insulation have been under discussion for a long time, says Torbjörn Johansson, Thermod's CEO. Happily enough, we have now reached the end and can in our own factory manufacture cold room-, freezer room- and swing doors for, for example, the food industry, restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Published 14 Oct 2021