Thermod sets foot in Norway with a new subsidiary in Oslo

Thermod's fiberglass doors have long had a strong position in the Norwegian construction market as well. Together with well-established partners, our range has been marketed to the Norwegian construction sector since the early 1990s, with end customers primarily in the food industry and the medical sector.

These collaborations will be maintained and strengthened. To make it easier for both partners and Norwegian end customers, we now also choose to establish our own subsidiary based in Oslo.

- The thoughts about an establishment have been around for a long time, but this summer we are making the plans a reality, says Torbjörn Johansson, Thermod's CEO. With experience from previous relationships, we know that Norwegian buyers finds it easier administratively to shop from a Norwegian supplier. We must, of course, respect this. A second reason for the establishment is that we want to get closer to our Norwegian customers through its new subsidiary.

- Even though that our head office in Klässbol are less than 60 km from the Norwegian border and that we culturally almost feel like Norwegians, there is still a border in between, states Torbjörn Johansson. With our own office, we believe we will get closer to the center of events and make it easier to get to know our Norwegian customers. With the company formation in place and the office at Karl Johans Gate inaugurated, all formalities have been completed.

Published 23 Jun 2021