We are developing the Thermod machine park

The design of the CNC milling machine for professional use has been optimized to work in the Thermod door factory. The precisely selected frame stiffness with the appropriate location of the high-class linear system guarantees the precision of processing the glass-fiber reinforced laminate and allows for high feed speeds without losing the quality of the detail.

The device is also well thought out in terms of ergonomics for use by workers and maintenance. Easy access to individual teams affects the efficiency of our team's work and significantly speeds up service activities.

Advantages of using a CNC milling machine in the production of Thermod laminated doors:

  • Precise and repeatable laminate processing.
  • Perfect edge of the laminate after cutting.
  • Optimization of laminate cuts using an efficient nesting algorithm.
  • The possibility of feeding the plate to the worktable, both individually and in packets, without the need to change the machine.
  • The automated production process through the use of a laminate feeding system to the working field enables one-person operation of the device.
  • Stable vacuum clamping of the material on the working field with a raster structure that evenly distributes the vacuum over the entire table surface. The table is divided into 6 symmetrical sections controlled by electrovalves, which guarantees that the material is securely fixed in the working field.
  • Quick drilling and milling in one panel mounting.
  • Tool presence sensor.
  • New, more effective software.
  • ETHERCAT connected electronics.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Central lubrication system.
  • Automatic chip extraction height adapter.

Improving the quality of work. Clean work is guaranteed by an extensive dust extraction system, including cleaning of the working field and processed elements. Automatic cleaning of the working area allows you to eliminate downtime between cycles. The cleanliness of the finished laminate elements is ensured by a vibratory-vacuum chip suction system between the receiving table and the working area.

Published 28 Apr 2022