X-ray DOORS used in the modern building of the WCZD hospital in Poznań

The construction of WCZD in Poznań is completed!

Already in the middle of this year, several institutions will be moved to a new children's hospital from various points in Poznań.

This powerful investment built by WARBUD S.A. is a HOSPITAL with an area of over 30 thousand. sq m on seven floors with a functional and spacious inside:

9 departments, the first emergency department in the Wielkopolskie voivodeship for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age, admission room, diagnostic imaging, specialist clinics, an operating theater with intensive care, 350 single rooms with a bathroom.

This extremely modern facility introduces patients to a different era of pediatric hospitalization in Poland.

At the entrance to the hospital, children are greeted by large-format 3D figures suspended from the ceiling, a diver accompanied by fish and dolphins. Prints of fauna and flora decorates the hospital corridor walls while operating rooms are decorated with glass panels with forest or mountain print.

The hospital has a hotel, a playroom, a specially soundproofed performance hall with a piano, modern classrooms - a school and kindergarten, a library, a chapel and a restaurant. You can also find an outdoor playground, benches and lots of greenery in the area.


Well thought-out communication routes.

The hospital building consists of two wings, connected by a link with a communication function, containing a staircase, wide corridors and modern lifts.

The architect paid special attention to internal communication while designing the hospital. The width of the communication routes has been adjusted to the expected traffic volume. Properly adapted doors are an important element of communication routes in health care units. The appropriate width of the door allows for free, safe and, above all, collision-free transport of beds with patients; which should be at least 1.1 m, and to operating theaters - at least 1.2 m.

Radiation protection is a very important part of the equipment of hospital wards and X-ray diagnostics laboratories. Properly selected radiation protections allow to protect patients, staff, adjacent rooms and people in them.

Where are radiation-protected doors used?

Appropriate protection of X-ray walls and doors are being used in the following departments of the Greater Poland Children's Memorial Health Institute:


Hospital Emergency Department (ER) - a spacious and well-planned space equipped with high-quality life-saving equipment. In the emergency department, reaction time as well as free and safe communication are important. An important role in good communication is played by medical doors of an appropriate width and equipped with modern and reliable automation. Due to the need to provide the hospital emergency department with equipment for examinations at the patient's bedside (critical parameters analyzer, bedside X-ray set and a portable ultrasound scanner), it was necessary to use radiological shields also in internal doors. The resuscitation and treatment room and the initial intensive therapy room are adjacent to the ER.

IMAGE DIAGNOSTICS DEPARTMENT - includes modern and ergonomic endoscopy laboratories and several X-ray laboratories. In these departments, X-ray doors with a radiological cover were used, thanks to which we reduce the flux of penetrating radiation reaching a given place. The main task of the lead shield used in the X-ray door is to reduce the doses received by the personnel operating the x-ray device emitting radiation and by people staying in the adjacent rooms, such as the control room, toilet or corridor.

Thermod X-ray door solutions applied:

Internal double opening x-ray door, type IDD, with a radiological cover

Lead insert: Pb = 0.5mm, Pb = 1.0mm and Pb = 2.0mm

Prepared holes in the wall: 1700x2100 mm allowed the use of double-leaf doors with a real size of 1690x2100 mm. An active door leaf with an optimal width of 1100 mm in the light of the passage, and a passive leaf of 400 mm.

The door is mounted / suspended on 4 stainless steel hinges. A stainless steel lock adapted to work in this type of constructions in the active leaf and a Kantrygiel lock adapted to the appropriate locking of the inactive leaf. The upper part of the door leaves has been additionally reinforced in order to use additional equipment.

The above solution of the Thermod door joinery was used in the HED department in the endoscopy laboratory and in several X-ray laboratories.

Automatic X-ray sliding door type SDID

Lead insert: Pb = 0.5mm, Pb = 1.0mm

Prepared openings in the wall: 1700x2100 mm allowed the use of sliding doors in real dimensions of 1670x2100 mm. Surface handles were used on the outside and inside of the door. Additional tightness is guaranteed by the special sealing of Thermod SDID wings. The top of the solids are specially reinforced for accessories.

GEZE automatic drives and a non-contact proximity sensor were used to control the automatic doors, guaranteeing the best quality of the final product and the highest performance properties.

The above-mentioned automatic solution of the Thermod door joinery was used at the Emergency Department and the initial intensive care unit.

X-ray door with ID type window

Lead insert: Pb = 0.5mm

Prepared holes in the wall: 1300x2100 mm allowed the use of single-leaf doors in the real dimensions of 1340x2100 mm. The door is mounted / suspended on 4 stainless steel hinges. The door leaves are equipped with X-ray windows on an aluminum frame, the dimensions of the lead panes used are 300x750 mm. The upper part of the sash is reinforced for GEZE automation.

Single-leaf lead door, ID type

Lead insert: Pb = 1.0mm and Pb = 2.0mm

Prepared holes in the wall: 1000x2100 mm allowed the use of single-leaf doors in the real dimensions of 1040x2100 mm. The door is mounted on 4 stainless steel hinges.

Single x-ray hinged doors were installed in auxiliary rooms of the x-ray laboratory: toilets, cabins and control rooms.

All hospital-installed doors with Thermod radiation shield

are distinguished by the following design:

• DOOR WINGS made of polyester reinforced with mass-dyed glass fiber and finished with aluminum leaf edges. The leaf is filled with light, freon-free polyurethane foam, characterized by a light and rigid structure. The leaf thickness is 40mm.

• DOOR FRAMES made of anodized aluminum, optionally fixed on the wall on one or both sides - resistant to twisting and impacts.

• The RADIOLOGICAL COVER of the door is made of lead of appropriate thickness, depending on the intended use, Pb = 0.5mm, Pb = 1.0mm, Pb = 2.0mm, Pb = 3.0mm, Pb = 4.0mm, integrated with the leaf and the frame.

NOVELTY! Antibacterial Thermod X-ray doors - apart from their protective functions, they also have bactericidal properties, which is an additional advantage in this environment!

Published 2 Jun 2022